General Fight 4 Cure Inc Information

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What does Fight 4 Cure Inc fund?+

Fight 4 Cure Inc supports 501(c)(3) organizations in North Carolina and a few select national organizations that provide products and support services to individuals affected by cancer as well as cancer research. List of past grantees can be found on the Apply for Grant page. For additional information on who is eligible to apply for a grant, please visit Eligibility and Guidelines page.

Do Fight 4 Cure Inc fund organizations with fiscal sponsors?+

No. Fight 4 Cure Inc will only consider support for organizations who have received their own 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS.

Does Fight 4 Cure Inc make multi-year commitments?+

No. Fight 4 Cure Inc's grants are not structured as multi-year commitments.

Does Fight 4 Cure Inc provide emergency funding?+

Fight 4 Cure Inc does not provide emergency funding. In general, the grants are awarded once a year as part of the organization's strategic initiative.

Does Fight 4 Cure Inc sponsor events or buy tables at events?+

No. Fight 4 Cure Inc does not support organizations in these ways.

For Foundation Program Area

How do I apply?+

Due to the potential volume of requests the Fight 4 Cure Inc can receive in any given year and the finite number of grants we are able to make, applications for grants are mostly by invitation; however, a few select unsolicited proposals will be accepted.

How can an organization be considered for an invitation only grant?+

Any 501(c)(3) organizations engaged in providing products and support services to individuals affected by cancer are invited to submiit a proposal that is in alignment with Fight 4 Cure Inc strategic goals. However, we do not want to miss out on any promising opportunities for impact we might not be aware of.

If you believe your organization could be a fit for an invitation only grant, please send a brief introductory email to including the following information: organization name, location, website, a brief description of the organization, your contact information, and the grant area for which you would like to be considered. Please be advised that the email is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a formal letter of inquiry or an application which will be evaluated for funding. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Can I speak with someone from Fight 4 Cure Inc about my organization?+

If your organization is applying for a grant, please contact Dr. Lisa Wright at (919) 424-1497 or to schedule a brief call about your organization. For information regarding invitation only applications, please refer to the previous question.

Can someone from Fight 4 Cure Inc visit my organization?+

When feasible, we may be able to accommodate requests for site visits from local organizations actively being considered for funding.

Will Fight 4 Cure Inc provide feedback on our organization's application if it was not approved?+

We strive to be transparent throughout the entire application process and will be happy to provide feedback on applications and award decisions. Please be advised that many worthy proposals may not be approved due to limited resources, so there may not be specific feedback that would have made a request more likely to receive a grant.

Foundation’s Open Application Program

When is the next application deadline?+

The grant progam has a fall deadline each year. Please see the program page for specific information on the next application deadline and when the award decisions are made.

What is the waiting period between grants or applications?+

Organizations that receive a grant from Fight 4 Cure Inc will not be eligible to apply for another grant for a period of at least three years from the date of the previous application. There is no waiting period for organizations whose applications were not selected for a grant.

How many applications does Fight 4 Cure Inc receive and how many are funded?+

There is only one open application program at Fight 4 Cure Inc. Since this will be Fight 4 Cure Inc second year awarding grants, a precise volume of applications as well as average requests selected for funding at the deadline cannot be determined at this time.

What should I do if my organization is having trouble completing the online application?+

Please contact Dr. Lisa Wright at (919) 424-1497 or